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Some of you will hate me for this post, but i must do something about it, i had enough :-) of those six pack abs thing, yes it is unnatural, unhealthy and totally over-rated, lets see why:

Woman's body?!
First to get a six pack abs you must maintain a workout that focuses on you belly's muscles. After a few weeks your belly muscles will start to be harder and bigger, of-course nothing is wrong about that as long as you are not forgetting about the rest of the your body, what you eat and drink and you still live a normal social life.

So what is wrong with having a six pack abs?

For your hard work to show, your body must have the least amount of fat 10% or even less, else the muscles you built would be covered with fat and not even a 2 pack of abs will ever show.

Still i don't get it, what is wrong with that?

Body fat is so important to some vital process that keeps you alive and well like hormone and enzyme production, regulate your body temperature and cushion your organs, without body fat you are asking for troubles.

What kind of trouble are you talking about here ?

losing bladder and bowel function.
Horrible hunger - Eating Disorder.
Imbalanced hormone production in the body.
You got easily bruised, without any memory of trauma.
You got easily sick - due to weak immune system.
Constant pains in the arches of your foot.
You have no energy, cranky and feel dizzy doing the least amount of work.

Hmm... So what is a good percent of body fat should i keep?

At least 10-15% for men, 16-20% for women, no one should aim for less than 10% of body fat for the above reasons.

Lets aim for a flat stomach and never go extreme to the where we wouldn't be able to take advantage of our great body.

What is your opinion?