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I stumbled upon a video on you tube that shows the weight loss journey of Angela Stokes, She explained how eating row food transformed here into someone else, having a better health and higher selfesteam.

Clearly it works, proven by her case and hundreds posting their achievement adopting the row food diet.
The raw food diet is some form of a Vegetarian lifestyle and the difference between being a Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food eater is:

  • Vegetarians simply do not eat any meat, semi vegetarians can be ok eating animal products like milk and eggs.
  • Vegans are taking a step further eating no meat or any dead creature or any animal products like eggs, milk and honey.
  • Raw food can't include eating meat as none can eat raw meat maybe rare but not raw and the diet does not prohibit eating animal products.
What are the benefits and the side effects of eating raw food?

The Benefits:
  • Raw food have a higher nutrition value, so less amount of raw food will give more minerals and vitamins. also heat destroy so much of the nutrition the raw food have.
  • Raw food are easier to prepare and it will take less time to have a meal ready.
  • Cleaning the dishes is no problem as there is no burns or scraping or grease to remove.
  • Raw food boost your immune system protecting against cold and flu, alse it has a great positive effect reducing the chance to get a heart and blood complications.
  • On the long run eating raw food will save money.
  • Lossing weight will be more efficient, no fat, salt and eating more fibers.

Risks and Side Effects :

  • Proteins, iron, vitamin B-12, riboflavin, zinc, and essential amino acids deficiency.
  • Long-term deficiencies will lead to serious illness such as osteoporosis, and anemia.
  • A rapid change in diet  could cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, indigestion, mild Depression.
  • Going all raw food will increase gas in the digestive system accompanied with pains and discomfort.
In conclusion personally i prefer to be moderate, cutting back on fat and junk food and eating more fibers and fruits, going extreme with any thing never helped on the contrary it will develop new and worse problems. Any new Diet should be presented gradually and under supervision cause no diet will work for every one.