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Urgent and frequent urination is a symptoms that need to be taken care of as it puts a lot of stress on the person effected by it. Having to go to the bathroom more frequent at difficult times like when working, holding an important meeting or even driving the car.
Full bladder can be due to multiple reasons:

The growing fetus will cause a lot of pressure on the bladder make it hold less volume of urine. Kegel exercises will help you strengthen the muscles and avoid unwanted incontinence.

Child birth:
When delivering your baby a vaginal delivery, your muscles become under a lot of stress causing difficulty supporting and controlling the bladder and urethra.
Cure is simple start doing strengthen exercises like Kegel exercises or a minor surgery will get you back in shape.

The muscles in pelvic area may get weaker with age and change in structure due to hormonal and aging factors, also having a stroke or a weak nervous system can alter the ability to control the bladder, a visit to a specialist will help determining the best solution.

Hysterectomy/Prostate surgery:
Both surgeries got the same side effect of weakening or damaging the muscles of the pelvic area as the muscles in those area are connected with prostate and uterus area, in some situations leaving a slow growing tumor in the prostate is better than having the side effect of the removal surgery, and that is for the doctor with the patient to decide.

Poorly manged diabetes can lead to damaging the nerve controlling the bladder, going to the bathroom several times at night is an early sign of diabetes both type A and B. as Diabetes rise the sugar level on the blood and the body start to get rid of that sugar cleaning the blood and creating more than normal volume of urine.

Urinary tract Infections:
It is very common to get that kind of infection and it is very easy to cure, and with it cured all the bladder problems will disappear.

Due to the hormonal change the bladder which is very sensitive to that change could develop some control issues.

Bladder tumors malignant or not can rarely develop incontinence and bladder control problems.