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Hoodia Gordonii is an African plant looks like a cactus and can be found in Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, it was introduced to the US market late 2004 as a natural appetite suppressant.

African Bushmen have been using hoodia for centuries to help them with the hunger during long hunting trips in the Kalahari Desert. Also they have been using this plant to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, indigestion and small infections.

Researchers start studying Hoodia by late 70's and succeeded in isolating the effective substance responsible for tricking the brain into thinking that the blood sugar is enough and there is no need to signal the feel of hunger.

With that feeling of being full with no urge to eat will result in consuming less food and less calories per day leading to inevitable weight loss.

No side effects are known from taking Hoodia pills but there are speculation about what are the real ingredients used in the hoodia pills as the plant is very rare and protracted by the laws of south Africa and can't cover the world demand, Some experts said: "80% of Hoodia pills on the market are fake and no way to know which pills are pure Hoodia unless tested by an independent laboratory".

Diabetic people should be cautious when using hoodia. Cause a person's blood sugar could drop dangerously low while taking hoodia. And he feels nothing with the regular hunger system turned off and the early warning signs are suppressed, putting the diabetic person in grave danger.

More researches are needed to determine if it really works for every one one and it is totally safe to use, until that time it will be the myth pill.