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So you want to loss those extra pounds you gained while being pregnant, those are some tips to help you get back lean and fit.

Drink lots of water:

Lose Weight after Pregnancy

At least drink 10 glasses of water and try to replace high sugar drinks with water.

Eat healthy snackes:
Stay away from junk baked food and replace them with raisins, popcorn, full wheat crackers, and nuts.

Consume less fats:
Cut back on saturated and trans. fats, eat lean meat preferably white meat.

Don't eat junk food:
Prepare your meals yourself and don't order junk food, stay away from the fast food outlets.

Breast feed:
Breastfeeding consume around 500 calories per day and it help reduce breast pain after delivery.

Start with simple short exercises only when your doctor gives the green light to start exercising, cause your hormones after delivery is relaxing your body and that may cause injures.

Remember: You gained the extra weight within 9 months so let your body take its time to loss that weight and don't be too hard on your self, in a few months you will notice a progress that will make you happy and satisfied.