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Feeling depressed 
No one on earth ever escaped depression at some point in his life, but those who get up and never let their depression take control of the course of their life are the winners so here are the top reasons why we feel the blues.

  1. loneliness: Humans are social by nature, keeping away from family, friends and neighbors will magnify the feeling of depression.
  2. Focusing on rivalry: Making others's position at work, wealth or social status our only concern will lead to envy,  failure and more depression.
  3. The upbringing: Childhood abuse and bad experiences are like fuel to depression throughout the human's life.
  4. Stress: The responsibility to provide and deliver against all Difficulties will creat stress that will lead to depression.
  5. Failing to communicate: Getting the felling of Negligence or rejection from others and that they can't understand or communicate with you, none ending clash between family members will lead to depression and hate.
  6. Hormones: Women are susceptible to depression due the their hormonal imbalance during some stages of their life.
  7. Bad news: Receiving bad news like the Occurrence of diseases, a family member's death or even the bad news we get from the media such as floods and famine.