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Smile is one of of the secrets of beauty,  a wise man once said: "Smile is made of Sun rays", it is a title of optimism, hope and satisfaction and confidence and signs of friendship and love.
Experts believe that a person who smiles a lot has a positive impact in others more than a person who always has a serious face, this is why people with a smile on their face are friendly and they give a feel of warmth. 
A smile is a powerful weapon and can be effectively used by human to make friends and approach others.

Smile and laugh in front of strangers and those you meet for the first time: 
  • It is recommended that you present yourself with a smile, it helps to show some of the your charisma, a compassionate smile shows kindness and Sympathy with others concerns and problems and still remains at the same time a dividing line between you and the others.
  • After the first smile that give the first impression stay normal and natural, do not laugh loudly in front of strangers, cause it will reflect an impression that is not in your favor.

In public places: 
  • There is nothing to prevent you from laughing, but keep it a bit down so you don't annoy others. 
  • Do not laugh openly mocking a scene or a stranger, it is totally unaccepted to laugh loudly on buses, trains, waiting areas, theaters, cinemas and cafes.

In official meetings: 
  • a short comment with a smile could relieve some of the formal meetings tension.
  • The first impression smile is required, but laughter can be used only in personal side conversations.
  • Don't use to much laughter or tell private jokes in the job interviews or in a meeting to discuss work issues.

During family gatherings, with friends:  
  • You can laugh in any manner you like you can laugh out loud, but a little laughter gives the atmosphere joyful effect but too much laughter will show you as a clown, remember that there is no need to grab or push anyone during moments of laughter cause this may create an atmosphere of discomfort, this means that the soft laughter is beautiful for everyone and every time.