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Skin Discoloration
Most of us laptop owners usually use it while putting it on our laps, for hours and hours with nothing to worry about at all, but a new study shows that there is a great risk of burning our skin it is called "Toasted skin syndrome", the skin will be mottled, with sponge like discoloration and deformed due to long exposure to heat coming from the laptop.
Same condition and symptoms can be caused by using heat pads and other heat source that is not hot enough to cause immediate burn but it can cause the discoloration on the long run. generally it is harmless but it the effect can be permanent.

Major manufacturers do warns against placing laptops on laps because of the risk for burns.

Anther medical report found that men will have one more side effect caused by raised scrotum temperatures that can lead to low sperm count.

Although the signs are not shown with every one but that kind of skin discoloration is confirmed in some jobs that deal with heat sources like bakers.