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If you like every one else wants that hollywood glowing skin, then you should avoid those situations to keep your skin as smooth and glowing skin as much.

Drink about 12 glasses of water per day, avoid cold weather , apply a good moisturizer.

Get a fair amount of sleep:
Getting about 7 ~ 8 hours of sleep every day helps you stay active and stress free, that will be reflected on your skin.

Avoid heat sources:
Laptop on your lap or a cigarette in your hand can cause skin discoloration.

Remember when you think about getting a tattoo how it is ganna be removed when it is outdated and you don't like it any more.

Tanning beds:
New studies are proving that using the tanning beds raises your chance of getting skin cancer more than 300%.

Read the labels and know the ingredient, and never mix different types of beauty products.

Use a sun screen:
use the right amount of sunscreen and keep those bad sun rays reflected away from your skin. more on how to apply the sunscreen.